I want a love that’s

all encompassing,

filled with understanding,

and comfortable in its own skin.

A love that

tastes like the crisp morning air

and feels like sunlight on a winter day,

that isn’t mired in doubt,

that doesn’t drag us into the quicksand of misery

but allows us to run and dance beneath an open sky.


I want a love that wounds me and heals me

in the same instant,

that transcends boundaries and makes its own meaning.

A love that makes me weak, brings me to my knees,

and gives me wings with which to soar above the trees.

I want a love that is possibility.


I want a lover who

can hold my heart in the palm of his hand

and not be afraid.

A lover who will

bare his soul to me,

show me the darkness inside him,

and know that I will only love him more because of it.

I want a lover who

can be a man by my side,

a child in my arms,

and a friend in the coldest nights,

who embraces his imperfections and mine

and understands that moments are all we have

in this life.


I want a love

that is hot and wet and urgent

but also still and quiet and centered.

A love that is music and poetry and pillow fights.

I want a lover

who kisses me at sunrise

and walks with me at sunset,

who wants me but doesn’t need me,

who can meld his soul with mine

without losing it in me.