It all ends anyway

in silence and darkness.

No dream lasts forever;

no day evades the fall of night.

Why not make a run for it

while you still can.

It all ends anyway–

flowers wilt, and stars burn out.

A lifetime is mere moments

in the eternity of existence.

So what are you waiting for?


It all ends anyway–

laughter and joy;

sadness and heartbreak.

All there is today

may be gone tomorrow.

You’re standing on the edge of the abyss


It all ends anyway–

every story, every song,

however grand or trivial.

So what are you afraid of?


Here is my truth,

raw and unadorned.

Hear it before the silence descends.

Here is my heart,

naked and dripping with blood.

Taste it while it’s still warm.

Here is the fountain of my love,

expansive and rich, resplendent in its depth.

Drink from it before it dries up.

Here is my passion,

hot and bright and burning with desire.

Touch it before the darkness descends.


It all ends anyway.

All we have is this day, this moment.

So make a run for it.

Do it anyway.


Note:  This poem was inspired by a soul prompt from